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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Paint out in Salem, MA...

Sandra's Gargoyle
(6x8", Oil) Price: $100.00

Bob and I went off to Salem, MA, yesterday to give a painting demonstration. Well, we painted and The Art Corner patrons, as well as shop staff peeked over our shoulders. The Art Corner is a framing shop and gallery which does a brisk business on Washington Street in Salem, and occasionally makes room for us to come up and paint in the window along with fellow artist, Charles (Chuck) Lang. We have a relaxing time and chat while we paint. We also consumed way too much chocolate and pizza, but never mind. This was a special day, because numerous businesses had wonderful ice sculptures out the front of their premises - and usually the lure of chocolate within - as a pre-Valentine's day art event. So, inevitably, we were the floor show. Mind you, we did chat a bit throughout - with each other as well as customers - and played guess that tune. The shop has a 200 cd jukebox style player that was in 'shuffle' mode, so it was a chance to see who could come up with what obscure song/movie soundtrack title first.

I'd spent all of Friday morning playing with Photoshop and making up mixed flyers for our painting a day blogsites to hand out. They looked really good up there next to the chocolates. I know, chocs again. I had way too many.

Anyway, above is the painting I did of Sandra Lira's gargoyle sculpture. Sandra is a friend as well as a fellow artist, and this is a breakthrough piece for her. It has been molded and cast in a variety of mediums and is sold via various catalogues and shops. This is one of the huge garden variety, and sits in another friends garden. I took photos there some years back, and always wanted to paint the gargoyle in situ. He doesn't look too bad - the painting either.

Meanwhile, here is Bob painting his first landscape of the day. Beautiful isn't it? He did another of a castle after that. God he's fast. Brilliant, but fast...

And here is Chuck working on his apples painting. It looked pretty darn good when he finished it. I was kind of hoping he'd call it 'Stop/Go' or somegthing similar, because of all the red and green... It was also Chuck's birthday. Happy Birthday again, Chuck...

And this is my brand new little painting box: a 6x8" Thumbox from the Guerilla Painter series. Cool, huh? Just my size! And there's the Gargoyle painting sitting up on it...

Well, we had a really great time and want to do it again soon. I'll let you know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hadn't realized that was your gargoyle painting! I saw the picture on Bob's blog. Now that I know you're out here, I might link you to my LJ page too! :-)

1:51 AM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Hi Elka!

Welcome to my blog world. Yep, I've got one too - two even. Daub du Jour is my own Painting a Day site as well. Look for it on my links on this page.

Thanks for stopping by. :-D


6:29 AM  

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