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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cosmic Greenman...a new painting

Cosmic Greenman
(11x14", Oil) Price: $750.00
About May of last year, I was hit with a burst of inspiration to return to my fantasy painting. A transition from my Celtic art series to my roots in marine fantasy painting. This clash of ideas resulted in something cosmic, hence the title of the painting. However, it took a long time to push aside the busy travel we did last year to finally getting around to finishing it. I achieved that two days ago, and here is the final product. I used up the left over paint on the palette to paint a little flamingo - you can see him over on my painting-a-day blogsite, 'Daub du Jour'. See the links in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, I have been working towards finishing another incomplete canvas of 'waverunners' - wavetops that look like horses heads. I'll put that up as soon as I get it done.

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