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Friday, December 22, 2006

'Tis the Season to....bust loose!

And the painting of the day is...

'Sea Turtle Surfing'
(9x12", Acrylic on panel)

I braved the Christmas retail frenzy for one last time today to get a few last presents for family. Now it's done, all I want to do is 'bust loose' like the little mermaid in my painting. Hang out; read; paint; what have you... I'm a typical Cancerian who loves water, so you'll see as time goes by, that water is a focal point I keep coming back to. This was the absolute first of my mermaid paintings, and one of the few to be published. It is one of six greeting cards showcasing my art, produced by Milk And Honey Inc.

Acrylic paint is not something I've always been comfortable using - it dries too quickly and at times, can be unforgiving if you make a mistake. I've moved back to using oils almost exclusively this last few years, and only returning to acrylics for illustration purposes. More so, I've discovered the joys of Acrylic Gouache: a medium that remains malleable while there is water or medium still keeping the paint 'wet'. It allows for a slower painting process, and a less confident artist to gain momentum in said painting process.

This little work is painted on gessoed panel. I've never been quite satisfied with panel as a painting surface - particularly in acrylic. The board sort of feels naked without canvas or linen between the paint and the panel. But when you're doing fine detailed illustration, you can't go past it for flexible fine tuning.



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