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Friday, January 05, 2007

Painting a Day!

Sentinel Roses
(9x12", Oil)

No, no, I didn't paint this today! But the gargoyle figurine I used in this painting last year, now appears in another image I painted today. Talk about found objects! I was wondering what to paint today, when I spotted this little guy lurking behind my table easel - still there from the last time I used him.

Well, this is an announcement that I have joined the ranks of other artists who are taking up the challenge of doing a 'painting a day'. I'm currently on Day 5, so look for the gargoyle in a couple of days. Right now it's up on my 12" easel, drying. You'll be able to see that, and my other experimental images on my brand new little blog, called 'Daub du Jour'. It will showcase the good and the bad of my sketchy oil daubs. If you're interested, the link is off to the left, in the sidebar, of this page. Details of each painting can be found there on a daily basis, and the reasons why I'm doing this.



Blogger Tom Kidd said...

I like the way the red of the roses reflects into the shadow of the gargoyle. All around nice piece though.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks. I enjoyed painting this one, but I would have been a tad happier if I'd painted a bit looser - not so tight. I used the gargoyle in one of my early painting-a-day projects on Daub du Jour, and the looser treatment worked. At least I think so. :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

11:57 AM  

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